We take care to understand our clients' investment criteria and  aspirations. We will carefully prepare and present a bespoke set of  high quality Tier 1 visa investment options and ensure that business models, how future value will be created and how investment will be deployed is clearly understood.

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The UK Government recognises the value that foreign intellectual and financial capital can bring to the economy, and offers two different visa programmes to help investors move to the UK.

The Entrepreneur Visa

This programme is suitable if you have £200,000 available to invest in the UK (or £100,000 if you join with another individual who is also able to invest £100,000).

The Investor Visa

This programme is suitable if you have £2m under your control in a UK regulated bank.


Staying in the UK

The terms of both visas mean that you can come to the UK for an initial three years if you can provide evidence that you have the financial means to set up a business or invest in an existing business.

Following the initial three year period, you will need to apply for a two-year extension visa, which will require you to demonstrate your achievements in the UK.

After five years, you will have the option of applying for Permanent Residency (Indefinite Leave to Remain) in the UK. We have an excellent track record of supporting investors who wish to remain in the UK.
Help and support every step of the way
Whichever visa you apply for, we have the experience and expertise to help you make a successful application. In addition to guiding you towards an appropriate investment, we will support you throughout the visa process.

For example, there are strict requirements governing the transition from an initial visa to an extended visa. These include a complex set of documentary evidence that has to be gathered and submitted. Helping you document your achievements in the correct way is an area of real strength for the InvestUK team. As the leading specialists in this area, we will track the documentation on your behalf, helping to ensure that your investment complies with all the regulations and that your extension visa application is successful.
Additional services

Moving to a new country can be challenging for you and your family. We work with a wide range of trusted partners to support your relocation. These include:

  • Personal tax advice - minimising your liabilities
  • Relocation and property search - helping you find the right home and the right schools/universities
  • Wealth management and private banking - supporting your financial ambitions
  • Concierge/localisation services - helping you overcome any cultural or language barriers in order to enjoy everything that living in the UK offers
  • Personal security